We are proud licence holders of the Made in Sheffield membership. We combine state of the art machinery, with traditional machine knife manufacturing to produce advanced, precision-made industrial machine knives and specialist blades. Our brand of Rotatech products is trusted and perform in the largest recycling centres, Biomass producers and sawmills across the UK.

All of our Rotatech knives and blades are made here in the UK from our specialist manufacturing premises in Sheffield. This gives us complete control of the quality which goes into each product, the lead-times we can provide to our customers and the market-leading prices put into our quotations. Our commitment to quality has established Saturn Machine Knives as the UK leading supplier of industrial knives and blades.

All materials and processes used in the manufacture of our products are certified to ISO9001, this includes the Aerospace Heat Treatment, carried out by our Aerospace certified subcontractor based in Sheffield and Vacuum heat-treated to our own Tuftech specification. Through many years of experience, we have the expertise and capability to manufacturer machine knives and blades to exacting specifications.

"Great for doing regrinding.Took 6 working days to return the blades once they were dispatched though."

"I can’t recommend these guys highly enough for the complete and professional service ..."

"Never had any issues here. Next day delivery always arrives on time, handy for my business!."