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When it comes to choosing biomass blades and shredder blades, quality is the most important factor. There can be no compromise with quality, as it defines the reliability and effectiveness of the blades. Saturn Machine Knives, a trusted name in the industry with over 25 years of experience, is one of the most reputed manufacturers of a wide range of blades that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. The company has announced launching its new website.

Biomass Blades & Shredder Blades

The company manufactures and supplies high-quality biomass blades and shredder blades all over the UK. Biomass waste processing is a highly effective and carbon-neutral method of generating energy. The company spokesperson elaborates the benefits of its unique products, Our specially designed Rotatech biomass and recycling blades can process all kinds of biomass including forest debris, scrap lumber, manure, crops, and other agricultural waste residues to simplify the process of energy generation.

Similarly, it also produces a range of shedder blades and grinders that can effectively break down a wide range of materials to be recycled. This includes materials like metal, plastic, wood, rubber, and more.

All our knives and grinders are made from ISO 9001 certified steel, the spokesperson claimed. Every blade has to undergo the most advanced industrial process to be able to endure all kinds of wear and tear, he further added.

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Chipper Blades & Stump Grinding Teeth

Saturn Machine Knives also manufactures and supplies high-quality chipper blades and stump grinding teeth. Wood chippers are widely used for reducing wood, usually tree trunks and tree limbs, into woodchips.

Similarly, stump grinders need regular maintenance, as the teeth gradually lose their effectiveness. The company makes and supplies Rotatech stump grinding teeth that last longer and deliver the desired results.

Each one of our products undergoes vacuum hardening and double-tempering to ensure that our clients get the highest quality products, the spokesperson added. We follow advanced machining processes using the latest available technology. This helps us in making products with lesser steel stress, he claimed.

Knifetime Guarantee

The company offers a unique guarantee, which it has termed as Knifetime. All its knives are covered under this guarantee. According to its spokesperson, When you purchase a knife from us, you are getting our Knifetime guarantee. Each knife you buy from us is guaranteed throughout its operational life.

The company also takes pride to be a locally owned and run company. All its products are made in Sheffield, UK, following the countrys stringent manufacturing and quality control processes.

About Saturn Machine Knives

The company, with its 22,000 customer base throughout the UK and worldwide, is a trusted name in the industry. It has recently launched its new website,, to make it simpler for its target audience to reach the company and gain more information about its product range. It is owned and run by professionals who have over half a century of industry experience.

For more information, it is recommended to contact the company representative.

Contact Information:

Saturn Machine Knives Ltd. Unit 12 Parkway Close, Darnall, Sheffield S9 4WJ, UK. Phone: 114 278 9090