When it comes to industrial blades, they are pretty much distinct from the regular blades or knives you use for domestic chores in your home. Industrial blades come in different types and sizes, from shredder blades, granulator blades and biomass blades, these are just some of the most popular in manufacturing or Granulating industries to cut or reduce the size of different materials ranging from plastics to metals.

Despite the distinct features between an industrial blade and your regular kitchen knives, they both share a similar feature. Both industrial blades and kitchen knives last even longer when they are properly maintained. For this reason, we’ve taken the time to provide some and quick and easy care tips to help you maintain your industrial blades properly.

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Quick and Easy Care Tips For Industrial Blades

Many users who have at one point used an industrial blade often lack any idea on how to properly care for these blades. To help you improve your understanding of the proper care methods of industrial blades, below are three helpful care tips.

Proper Storage of the Industrial Blades

  • When your industrial blades are not in use, they must be packed and stored in a box or any convenient package. The box must be able to protect the sharp edges of the blade to prevent any form of damage. Ensure that the box where the blades are kept prevents the blade from moving. This will be helpful to curb any damage that may occur from the box when it falls. When selecting a storage box, be mindful about picking one that will not nick the sharp edges of the blades.

Cover up the Sharp Edges Of The Blade

  • When it comes to industrial blades or any other type of blades, the sharp edges must be protected at all times. Several methods can help to ensure that the sharper edges of your blades are kept protected. The first method for protecting the sharp edges involves dipping them in melted plastic. Another interesting method is to cover up the edges of your blades with a rubber scabbard or wood. By covering up the edge of your industrial blade, it makes it even more difficult for the edges of your blades to be nicked off.

Prevent The Blades From Rusting

  • The majority of the industrial blades used for heavy-duty cutting are made from stainless steel. Steel like most metals is subject to rusting when exposed to water and air. One proper way to prevent your blades from rusting is to cover them with anti-rust agents. Luckily, these anti-rust agents are applied to the blades by the manufacturers. For this reason, it is only advisable that you get only the best industrial blades from a reliable manufacturer like Saturn machine knives. You can also apply an additional coating for a bit of extra prevention.

With proper implementation of these three quick and effective care tips, you can be sure of using your blades for a long time. Good maintenance and storage of industrial blades will not only increase their durability but also increases their efficiency.

Choosing The Right Industrial Blade Manufacturer that You Can Trust

Other than proper maintenance, getting a good-quality industrial blade is essential if you plan on using your blade for a long time. Like we mentioned earlier, a good and highly effective industrial blade will last longer with the few tips we mentioned. So, when selecting an industrial blade, select blades that are manufactured by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the elements that make a good industrial blade.

Saturn Machine Knives understands these elements and produces the finest and the most reliable industrial blades in the country. With our vast collection of durable industrial blades and unbeatable maintenance service, we are your number one stop for your industrial blade needs.

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