This knife is guaranteed for life under our Knifetime (r) terms and conditions
Knife Maintenance is essential to keep your blades performing to their optimum output and to prevent catastrophic failure.

Conditions of the knifetime guarentee.
  • Blades should be wet ground using an abrasive grinding wheel to reduce heating the cutting edge
  • Never use a hand held grinder to sharpen any blade as this can cause heat cracks and put unnecessary stress on the machine and the bearings
  • Ensure the blade surface and flywheel area is clean from any debris to avoid uneven clamping as this will result in breakage
  • Torq the bolts to the OEM machine specifications and replace the bolts if they are worn
  • The gap between the anvil and the blade is specified in the machine user hand book and should be set every time the blades are replaced
  • It is just as important to keep your anvil/counter knife sharp as it is your blades to keep the wood chipper cutting efficiently
  • Please contact one of our customer sales team if you require the correct angle details for your blade, some blades have two angles that is called a chisel edge