Here at Saturn Machine knives we manufacturer a wide range of Rotatech Sawmill Chipper Blades to fit all major Sawmill Chipper Blades brands and models to their OEM. Our Sawmill Chipper Blades are Chipper, Canter and Slabber. Both 8% and 5% Chrome grades of steel are available, depending on your application and we only use the highest quality chipper steel which is sourced directly from accredited steel to ensure an efficient experience for you. 

Saturn Machine Knives Ltd is the manufacturer of the world-renowned Rotatech Brand of Sawmill blades. Our sawmill chipper blades are used in some of the most modern sawmills in the world, giving significant savings and extended performance over OEM parts. Submit your enquiry today and see how Saturn Machine Knives can reduce your saw blade replacement costs. All manufacturing is carried out in our Sheffield facility using the latest CNC machinery to ensure consistent quality time and time again. Rotatech Sawmill blades and wear parts will give you consistently high quality and lower operating costs against OEM parts. We supply blades for any make or model of Sawmill including Linck, Soderhamn, AKE, Stenner, USNR, Hew saw and Klockner to name but a few. All our blades are manufactured using the highest quality chipper steel sourced directly from accredited steel mills so you can be assured of consistent quality. Both 8% and 5% Chrome grades of steel are available, depending on your application. All heat treatment is carried out by our Aerospace certified subcontractor and Vacuum heat-treated to OEM specification. Many blades are held in stock for next day delivery, alternatively, we have the shortest manufacturing lead time in the UK. Having Saturn Machine Knives Ltd as your Sawmill blade supplier means that you get the very best quality, service and value available on the market today. Call our team today on +44 (0)114 278 90 90 or email us at for a comprehensive guide and advice around our range of sawmill blades. When you choose Saturn Machine Knives as your blade supplier you’re joining a large network of customers who trust the performance and quality of our Rotatech products.