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Machine Knife Sharpening and Regrinding Services

All sharpening and regrinding work is done in house, and are completed on the latest professional grinding machinery by the same highly skilled operators who grind our new knives. Reground knives are matched to the standard of a new knife to ensure that the performance of your knife remains consistent.

If you are in the Sawmill Industry or Biomass Industry, your blades will eventually need regrinding to bring them back to their original state, so you can keep on processing. Some of the blades we sharpen here are Albach, Jenz, Erjo, Bruks, Beloit and many more. At Saturn Machine Knives we offer Wood Chipper Blade Sharpening services for all Wood Chipper Blades.

"Great for doing regrinding.Took 6 working days to return the blades once they were dispatched though."

"I can’t recommend these guys highly enough for the complete and professional service ..."

"Never had any issues here. Next day delivery always arrives on time, handy for my business!."